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  • Custom Scratch plates

  • Custom Truss Rod Covers

  • Custom Control Knobs

  • Custom Vinyl Finishes

  • Coil Tap Wiring

  • Mini Switch Installation

  • Phase Reversal

  • Series Parallel

  • Different Switching Options

  • Push Pull Pots 

  • Kill Switch Instillation 

  • Pickup Upgrades

  • Active Preamp Instillation

  • Acoustic Instrument Pickups Installation and Conversion to Electro Acoustic

Full Service Setup from £35

Our full service will be performed by our shop expert to make sure we get the best possible tone out of your guitar. A full service includes - Full Clean and Condition, Truss Rod, Saddles, Bridge Check and Adjustments, Electronic Test, Pickup Height, Action and Intonation Checks and Adjustments, Brand New Set Of Strings Fitted. Guitars are set up to your specification, not all players like the same feel or play the same way is its important to us to achieve your results!



  • Restringing

  • Action Adjustments

  • Intonation Adjustments

  • Truss Rod Adjustment

  • Saddle Adjustment

  • Nut Refitting

  • Fret Polishing

  • Fingerboard Condition

  • Pickup Replacement

Restring from £15

Strings sounding tired? Rust scratching away on your fingers or plectrum? Here at Instrument Attic we will restring a number of instruments ranging from Bass, Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitars, Banjos, Ukuleles, Dulcimers and Violins. We believe string quality is one of the most important aspects in stringed instruments, we will give you honest advice and opinions to suit your needs. Make your instruments sing again.


Production & Mastering

  • Coming Soon...

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